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About AFE

Alternative Fuels & Energy Pty Ltd (AFE) is a privately-held company, strongly focused on innovative and energy efficient climate control solutions for the residential and small to medium commercial, industrial and agricultural market.

The company, founded by Colin Gillam, has been providing alternative solar heating and cooling solutions since 2001. Its initial head office was located in Mt Evelyn, in the eastern fringes of metropolitan Melbourne.

Currently, AFE has two offices located in Melbourne and in Sydney with an expanding distributorship across Australia.

Our creative and persistent approach to solving problems has allowed AFE to offer competitive products and services in space heating and cooling such as the Sun Lizard Solar Climate Control System. AFE also is a leader and contributor to the growing solar thermal industry.

Mission Statement

AFE strives to create, develop and promote innovative solar powered climate control solutions so that:

  1. affordable heating and cooling solutions can be delivered to the developed and developing countries
  2. the environment is preserved through the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
  3. the amount of energy used in existing heating and cooling systems is reduced.

Core Values

AFE is committed to positive social and environmental change through introducing products that will:

    • help develop ethical markets and fairer trading systems
    • add value to the countries and communities
    • encourage a healthy and balanced social, environmental and economic welfare for its people.




To Sun Lizard inventor Colin Gillam explain how the Sun Lizard can work for you


The Sun Lizard On the ABCs "New Inventors"

Space heating and
cooling accounts for
59% of Victoria’s
residential energy use
and is responsible for
26% of residential

(Sustainability Victoria
2007, from VEET, P.5)


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Sun Lizard

PO Box 276 Mt Evelyn Vic 3796
Melbourne: (03) 9722 9596 Sydney: (02) 8003 6756
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