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Key Sun Lizard Investor Ordered To Leave Australia

Stewart Taggart, cornerstone investor in the Sun Lizard, has been ordered to leave Australia.

Taggart is appealing the decision to Immigration Minister Chris Evans.

"This is an an incredible decision. Not only does it demonstrate foreign direct investment in Australian solar energy start-ups is unwelcome, but it can result in an order to leave the country," Taggart said.

"It's a remarkable direction for federal government policy to go in the face of climate change-induced heatwaves, bushfires, buckling electricity systems and cities running out of water."

The Sun Lizard is is a roof-mounted device that vents heat from buildings in summertime, lowering air conditioner use. In winter, the Sun Lizard delivers solar-heated air to the inside of buildings, reducing the need for fossil fuel heating. Since 2003, Taggart has invested nearly $100,000 in the company through buying stock, paying the startup company's expenses and working without a salary to build the firm.

On March 26, the Migration Review Tribunal ruled that Mr. Taggart's investments and executive participation in Alternative Fuels and Energy, maker of the Sun Lizard, and in an unrelated large-scale solar desalination company were unsufficient to allow him to stay in the country.

Mr. Taggart's other major investment in Australia, Acquasol Infastructure Limited, plans to build a municipal- scale solar-powered desalination plant in South Australia. The plan will be a 'world first' and generate leading-edge expertise in Australia in bundled, low greenhouse gas emission power and desalination.

"It's remarkable that at a time when climate-changed induced heat waves are putting unprecedented strain on Australia's electricity system, and at a time when Adelaide faces imminent threat of running out of water, I have to beg Minister Evans to help the country solve its energy and water problems," Mr. Taggart said.

"With policies like this, the battle against climate change is going to be just that much harder," Mr. Taggart said. "We need to move quicker to encourage solutions."

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