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Sun Lizard Solar Air Shifter -- Overview

The Sun Lizard Solar Air Shifter is an ideal and energy efficient way of extending the reach and effectiveness of your existing climate control systems irrespective of whether you employ solar passive design, active heating and air conditioning, or a combination of the three.

The Air Shifter system is suited to your home if you find that your main living rooms are thermally comfortable, but that other rooms in the house become too cold in winter and too hot and stuffy in summer. In winter, the Air Shifter can help spread warmth through the house. In summer, the Air Shifter can help draw cool air into the house from a shady area outside or from underneath the house. In doing so, it equalises air temperature and creates a subtle air flow that removes mustiness and stuffiness.

A simple, compact design is offered as a DIY installation kit. It can also be installed by a builder or plumber.

A mains powered plug pack is provided with each system to enable continual shifting of warm or cool air during the evening and into the night time when solar energy is unavailable. It can be plugged into an existing power point for ease of installation without the need for an electrician.

Available Systems

The Sun Lizard Solar Air Shifter is currently only available in only one size.

Solar air shifter
Standard Solar Air Shifter
The standard system shifts air from one room to another room

Optional Extras


Additional ducting kit

Additional Room Ducting Kit
This kit allows you to add up to one additional inlet and/or outlet vents, so you can draw air from up to two rooms and move the air to up to two separate rooms.

PV frame


PV Frame
The frame allows you to tilt the PV panel at the correct angle for maximum solar gain.





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