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Sun Lizard Solar Air Shifter -- How Effective Is It?


Works all day and night

When there is sunlight, the Solar Air Shifter works all day using the sun’s energy to power the fans. At night it can automatically switch to mains power to continue generating the air movement.

Moves air at 6m3/min

By moving up to 6m3/minute of air and circulating it throughout your home, you will get a much better distribution of temperature, so less really cold or hot spots.  You can take advantage of the existing heat or cold within your home without incurring additional energy costs. The air moves so gently that you won’t notice any breeze, just the more comfortable environment.

Creates 2-3C temperature change

Just a 2-3 degree change in temperature, plus the gentle air movement is often sufficient to eliminate the need for additional mains powered heating or cooling. If you do need more heating or cooling, that is 2-3 degrees of temperature change that you don’t have to pay for.

Reduces electricity bills & GHG emissions

Adding a small electric heater to warm up other rooms could potentially add around $200-$400 a year to your electricity bills as well as the cost of the heater.  This is up to 4 tonnes CO2E of greenhouse gases as well as the money.


Calculating your solar radiation
Most parts of Australia receive about eight hours of clear skies in mid summer and about five hours in mid winter – easily enough to provide a significant amount of heating and cooling. But Australia is a very large country with varying climate conditions, so check below to access independent resources that will tell you exactly how much usable sunshine your house will receive throughout the year.

Detailed climatology map - Average Annual sunshine hours

To find the potential amount of hours the Sun Lizard Solar Air Shifter can work for you in providing free air shifting visit the Bureau of Meteorology, website, where you can view maps of the average daily sunshine hours for each area of Australia and determine the number of sunlight hours received for your local area over each month, year or season.

The following table gives typical results for the amount of hours of clear skies per day received for all major centres.


Average Winter Sunlight Hrs per day
(May- Sept)

Average Summer Sunlight Hrs per Day
(Oct – Apr)


6-7 hours

7-8 hours


4-5 hours

7-8 hours


7-8 hours

7-8 hours


5-6 hours

8-9 hours


5-6 hours

9-10 hours


4-5 hours

6-7 hours


5-6 hours

8-9 hours

Effectiveness in my own home or building
You can find out how well your building works with our Sun Lizard Solar Air Shifter by clicking here assessing your building’s suitability.

Otherwise please visit the Australian Greenhouse Office at Your Home for more details on making your home energy efficient.




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