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How does the Sun Lizard Solar Climate Control Systems work?

All year round, the Sun Lizard Climate Control System uses sunlight and converts this free energy into heat and electricity to moderate the temperature of your building – warming in winter and cooling in summer.  Both the single and dual climate control systems comes with the following key components:


Solar Climate Control (Dual Collectors with all components) Label

  1. a. Photovoltaic Panel (PV) - that generates electricity for the fans and electronic control system
  1.  b. Solar Heat Collector - that creates heat in the specially designed, insulated collector.
  2. c. Fan Box – that moves the air from one room to one or two other rooms simultaneously.
  3. d. Air Flow Control Box -  that controls whether the system is in heating mode or cooling mode
  4. e. Insulated Ducting – that is the passageway for air to travel between different components
  5. f. Ceiling Diffusers – that sits on the ceiling to allow air to exit or enter the rooms from the systems
  6. g. Electronic Control System – that controls the systems functions between Hi/Low and Heating/Cooling.
  7. h. Dektite – seals roof.
  8. i. Exhaust Flue – allows hot air out of the building in summer.

By combining the solar electricity and heat the Sun Lizard will heat and cool using just solar energy.

In Winter

In winter, the Sun Lizard allows you to capture the warmth of the sun into the air space where you live, work and breathe.

Sun Lizard in heating mode

The solar powered fans draw air from the building at ceiling level through an inlet vent. The air is forced through the solar heat collector sun baking on top of the roof, boosting the air temperature to as much as 50 degrees Celsius. This hot air is gently blown back through the heating outlet vent and flows back into the building at floor level, giving you free and natural warmth from the sun every day.  This closed loop system is very efficient at heating your building.

In Summer

In summer, hot air is often trapped inside the building by the ceiling, roof and insulation.  The Sun Lizard removes the hot air from the room so you don’t get a build up of heat in either the air or the thermal mass of the building and your furnishings.  You then tap into the natural cool air of your building and can reduce the need for air-conditioning.

Sun Lizard in Cooling Mode

The hot air is extracted by solar powered fans through the inlet vent and released to the outside, reducing the build up of hot air inside the building.

Optional Extras

Filtered Cooling Vent

To improve the Sun Lizard’s effectiveness we offer Filtered Cooling Vents that can be placed in a number of ways to introduce cooler air into your home. For example:



Under the floor
Vents can be installed on the floor to allow cool air from the subfloor area to pass through into your living and working spaces.


From a basement
Vents can be installed on the floor just above the basement area as these areas offer a great source of cool air.  You need to be able to get some ventilation into the basement so the cool air can flow out. This will also ventilate your basement, minimizing or even eliminating mould and damp odours.

Downstairs in multi-story buildings
Vents can be installed by having a combination of ceiling vents (from downstairs) linking to floor vents (upstairs) to provide extra cooling. This can also be achieved with no modification through an open stairwell.

Cool southern side of the building
If there is a permanently shaded area near the house, these vents can be inserted into the wall down low to the ground to tap this source of cool air.

Underground pipes
Large bodies of water, such as in water tanks, or simply the ground about 1.5 metres beneath the surface, are a good source of constant cool temperatures. Air drawn through pipes that are passed through such cool materials will capture the temperature and deliver it you’re your building.



These Filtered Cooling Vents have an inline filter to removes dust, odours and insects from entering the building and can be closed during winter to prevent the leakage of heat from the building.

This simple design which combines the Sun Lizard’s heat extraction function with alternative sources of cool air helps maintain the house at a comfortable temperature to give you the cool air you want to enjoy.


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