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The Sun Lizard Solar Heat Extractor -- How Does It Work?

The Sun Lizard Solar Heat Extractor provides ventilation and actively removes hot air from your rooms using solar energyThe more sunlight you receive during the hot summer days, the harder the system works to reduce the heat build up in your home.

The system comes with the following key components:

  1. Photovoltaic Panel (PV) - that generates electricity for the fans and electronic control system and
  2. Fan Box – that moves the air from one room to another room.
  3. Ducting
  4. Ceiling Diffusers
  5. Exhaust Flue / Adaptor
  6. Electronic Control System


The system extracts hot air from a room using four solar powered fans inside a fan box. The hot air is released to the outside atmosphere either through an exhaust flue (standard Heat Extractor), or an exhaust (Heat Extractor NC – where there is no roof cavity).

The Electronic Control System controls how much air is moving out of the building via a wall switch that can switch the system on/off and high/low.

A mains backup plug pack comes with each system to enable ventilation and heat extraction to continue into hot summer nights when there is no sun light. It can be installed without an electrician provided there is an accessible power point.


Optional Extras

Filtered Cooling Vents can increase cooling effectiveness by capturing cooler air into your home through a number of ways. For example, Filtered Cooling Vents enables cool air to flow into the building and replace the hot air being expelled.  It includes a filter to remove dust, smells and insects.

A PV frame is required where the roof of your building is not facing north and/or that the pitch of the roof is not at the correct angle for maximum solar gain.



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