Hands on experience

A university degree is a great thing. But nothing beats getting your hands dirty and delivering real life solutions. Sun Lizard and its team have done this since the 1970s so know what works and what is just smoke and mirrors.

The following is just a guide to the thousands of projects we have developed and installed over the past few decades. Talk to us about how we can help you.

  • Energy Efficiency
    • Passive solar renovation in the 1970’s adding a smart sunroom and insulation that heated the home in winter
    • Active solar home design and construction 1999 using solar heating and cooling, basement water tank (16,000l) to virtually eliminate the need for other forms of heating or cooling
  • Solar heating and cooling
    • Patents and designs for completely solar powered heating and cooling systems
    • See old Sun Lizard web site
    • 600+ installations throughout Australia, NZ and for the UN in Afghanistan.
  • Solar Electricity
    • Using PV panels for the heating and cooling products since 1990’s
    • Thousands of residential and commercial PV systems
    • Selected to install the PV system for the solar installer training facility NMIT because of reputation for quality of work
    • Solar carport (100kW) and innovative NE NW orientation ground mount PV (460kW) for large regional oilseed processor so solar generation profile better matched energy use instead of peaking midday built in 2014
    • First large-scale solar farm in SA (6MW) 2017
    • Developing and constructing 3 solar farms for a large not for profit to reduce their energy bills so the money can be used to help those in need
  • Electric Vehicles
    • Member of EV Association in the 1980’s
    • CEO of International Division of EV charger manufacturer in China and driving EV in 2014-2016
    • Project developer for electric bus replacement program swapping diesel for locally made electric buses and using solar plus storage to manage charging while reducing load on the energy grid
  • Storage
    • Actively involved in installing and managing a hybrid Li-ion and Vanadium Redox Flow storage microgrid 300kW-1MWh
    • Mission critical solar and battery system on one of Melbourne’s major tollways ensuring reliable energy during blackouts
    • Residential storage solutions with German battery manufacturer