Solar Panels

Like so many things in life you get what you pay for.

For solar panels though the obvious difference in price and performance is not so clear. A 400 watt panel from any CEC accredited manufacturer will produce 400 watts at standard operating conditions which is the standard panel manufacturers use to compare apples to apples.

However, the quality of the materials affects how well the panels survive over time and the equipment the panels are manufactured on determines the consistent quality of the product. Finally, the size and overall viability of the company will likely (but no guarantee) they will be around in 5 years, 10 years or 25 years to honour any warranty claims.

Many solar panel and inverter manufacturers have disappeared over the past 10 years, so picking one that provides consistent high quality and is going to be able to provide you with support if you ever need it is important.

We will pick solar panels on their merit and according to your needs. We monitor issues such as how manufacturers comply with ethical sourcing and modern slavery policies, so exclude companies that don’t show they are committed to a better world for everyone.

Let us take the stress out of choosing panels and manufacturers. We can provide you with comparisons if required, but will always choose from the top 5 ethical and responsible manufacturers.