Solar Battery

Putting in a battery to store your own energy for when you want to use it now makes a lot of sense. With many homes now able to put larger solar systems on their roof and getting very little for the excess energy they produce, saving it for the evening peak or for emergencies gives a much better return on that investment.

Like most things there are batteries and there are batteries. Size is not the only measure of performance so it is good to do some independent research. See our links page to go to the various testing sites and information that can give you some confidence when talking about batteries. Then give us a call to help you decide if a battery is right for you.

Making sense of kW (power), kWh (energy), usable capacity, nominal capacity, hybrid or battery inverter is enough to make people go find something else to do with their lives.

At Sun Lizard we can help make finding the right storage solution a lot easier. While we have preferred suppliers , if this is not the right solution for you we will help you choose the most appropriate product to ensure you get great value and best performance.

We can also help you find the right rebates or subsidies where possible.