Solar Inverter

At the heart of every solar and battery system is an inverter. So it’s critical that you purchase the best inverter you can afford, because this will be the first component to fail and take down everything else connected to it.

Over the years there have been hundreds of inverter brands sold in Australia. Most of them no longer exist and most you can’t get warranty or replacements.

The lesson is to stick with name brands from reputable companies that have been in the industry a long time. Startups and no name brands have to compete with the established players and inevitably they compete on price, make no profit and eventually go bust. Don’t get stuck with a lemon and no support.

Fronius inverters are made in Austria and have been Australia’s favourite inverter for many years. Installers love them for 2 main reasons. They are easy to install and they rarely fail. You can get extended warranties, but they typically come with a 5+5 (10 years) warranty standard. They also come with single phase, three phase and hybrid battery versions. They are not cheap, but the inverter and the company will be around for a long time and that’s worth paying a few extra dollars.

Selectronics is an Australian owned company operating since 1964, delivering energy solutions to Australia and the world for more than fifty years. Selectronic is the manufacturer of the SP PRO, the only multi-mode, bi-directional inverter chargers made in Australia which forms the heart of every battery based energy system. Their component approach allows complete flexibility with system design, allowing a tailored solution perfect for you.

We use other reputable brands where price and performance are both an issue. But we don’t compromise on quality.